Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to the World, Leah Kate Walker!

Congrat-ulations go out to Kristin Kinsella Walker (Tim's daughter) and her husband, Tim Walker, and their son, Cameron.

On Saturday, they welcomed a daughter, Leah Kate Walker to the world. During a outdoor barbeque with Tim and Rose, Kristin's water broke, so they sped up the dinner, but NOT before Kristin managed to get to her dessert....!

Here is how they described the event:

At 11:37 PM on Saturday, May 1st, Leah Kate Walker was born. She weighed 8lbs 6 oz and is 20.5 inches long. She has a full head of black hair and has been absolutely wonderful. Cam came this morning at around 11:00 and got to spend about two hours with his little sister.

Leah brought Cameron a present - a book about zambonis! Cameron gave her a thank you kiss and then promptly ignored her while he had everyone in the room read the book to him!

Leah and Mama are both doing well.

Wow!! Leah Kate is a beauty!

Picture One: Leah Kate
Picture Two: Cameron and Leah
Picture Three: Tim Kinsella and Leah
Picture Four: Tim Walker, Leah, Cameron and Kristin


Pat said...

Congratulations to all!!!

Glad it went so well, AND was early.

Just looked this up on the internet, so I think I am right--my own children (Brian, Alison and Nick) first cousins to Kristin, are first cousins once removed to Cameron and Leah...

And, who knew there were children's books about zambonis, but yes, Cameron is apparently gaga over hockey (no surprise there, I guess....).

Can't wait to meet little Leah!


Julie Riber said...

What a precious Angel this new baby is! Congratulations to Mom and Dad, Grandparents, Great-grandparents, aunts and uncles. I love the name, and she looks as gentle as her name sounds. The picture of Cameron looking lovingly at his little sister says much about things to come.

Mom/Aunt CB said...

And Leah Kate becomes a new mamber of the Kate Klub!!! Established when Alison Kate was born [ Pat's daughter], she was joined by Madeline Kate , Jim's daughter and now Leah! Ahead of all, at least for now is Lucille Kate, named after her grandmother, Kate Youngs Baker who was named for HER aunt, Catherine Mott, Diadamia's sister who was called Kate.
What does this Klub do? Well, thus far we send cookies or fudge to members at appropriate times. [ read when one member has time to do so] WE meet whenever we all get together!!! No dues!

Pat said...

Just a further comment on the Kate Klub--Yes, Congrats to Leah on joining that elite club.

And, I know that Alison Kate loves being the recipient of brownies and fudge made by the other Kate Klub members (Grandma and Maddie).

The snacks are also created by Maddie's younger sister, Kelly Ann Kinsella.

Now, Kelly decided she could NOT be left out, but of course, she cannot be part of the 'Kate Klub', so she created her own club.

Kelly Ann began the 'Ann Club'--fellow members being Me (Patricia Ann), her other Grandma, and if I am not mistaken, LOTS of other cousins out there! So, you may be part of an exclusive cousins club and not even know it!

Again, Leah, can't wait to meet you...

Sue Kinsella said...

I love the idea of the Ann Club and can already think of a bunch of likely members!

Do you think I'd get many takers if I started the Ethel Club? Maybe just me (Susan Ethel) and Grandma Taylor (Nancy Ethel) . . . Hmm . . . I suppose that IS an elite club! But will it work if it's just me talking to Grandma Taylor?

One time several years ago I did hear her voice whispering into my ear - ironically, into my nearly-deaf ear. It was so wonderful to hear her voice again!

So maybe if I hold a club meeting and talk to Grandma, she'll talk back to me! But where do I send the fudge?