Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Birthdays, Part One:

March is the Baker Birthday Month, it seems!

On the Baker side, we begin with Diadamia Mott Youngs, grandmother of Ethel, Adin, Ruth and Lil, and her daughter, Kate Youngs Baker, mother of ‘those Baker kids’.

Next come Leona Howland Maffei, and her daughter, Carol Ann Maffei.

Picture One: Diadamia Youngs
Picture Two: Kate Youngs Baker
Picture Three: Leona Maffei
Picture Four: Carol Ann Maffei


Diana said...

Dear Leona - Happy Happy Birthday from Minnesota!

I have fond memories of the very best BLT's at your home one of the times I brought my folks back out for a visit!

CB said...

What a wonderful picture of Carol Ann!! She really was just as beautiful at almost 16 and the crazy part was she did not even realize it!!!