Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Birthdays, Part Three:

In Uncle Arnon’s Family, say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Bethany Robin Taylor Velasco(Jim Taylor’s daughter) and Salvatore Fiorello DeLuca (Cynthia's son, grandson of Nancy Taylor Wright).

In Aunt Ruth’s Family, we celebrate Debra DeSio Maney (Richard’s wife).

Picture One: Bethany Taylor Velasco and son Lucas
Picture Two: Sal DeLuca
Picture Three: Colleen and Debra Maney


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Bethany!

Diana said...

And Lucas - what a handsome boy! Bethany: I'll be in Manassas VA in mid May to judge a dog show - flying into DC - would love to meet for coffee or desert (that's the Taylor side)if our schedules work out.

CB said...

Bethany, I have never met you but heard much about you! Do you remember Chris Kinsella and Fraternity parties at St Lawrence? He never knew then that you were his cousin!! Happy birthday
And Nancy's grandson looks much as I remember her brother , Jack at that age!!!
I love the little girl with the bullseye dress at the beginning of this blog!!!