Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Birthdays, Part Two:

March also brings us the birthdays of Lil’s daughter, Phyllis, Phyllis’ great grand-daughter, Alexis Henderson (daughter of Ron Henderson, granddaughter of Wendell) and great-grandson, Dylan Edward Marlatt (son of Kathleen Henderson, grandson of Wendell—this same Dylan is the baby that Wendell is holding in the previous story).

Sylva’s son, Freddy Emhof, is a March baby.

Also, Gladys’ granddaughter, Beth Barron Smerchansky (daughter of Kathryn) and her grandson, Andrew Joseph Osterhout ( Wendy’s son) were born in March.

Picture One: Andrew
Picture Two: Phyllis
Picture Three: Dawn Walker,Freddy Emhof, Dorothy Maffei
Picture Four: Beth and her daughter, Lena
Picture Five: Alexis and Dylan


Diana said...

I am not sure if I have the characters straight but I seem to remember a cannon ball at the pond at a Baker family reunion that involed Phyllis running out of the outhouse in her swim suit.

Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

CB said...

Was it with or without her suit? The latter sounds like Philly!! What a heart she had, big as the ocean!!!
The trio of cousins represents Philly, Sylva and Leona and with Andrew up top, Gladys. all Lil's girls. Great!- and didn't Joyce come thru in her grandchildren!!! Just as Gladys does in all hers!! That is the beauty of this blog, I'd never have seen these otherwise!