Saturday, March 14, 2009

Liz Lehmann’s movie, ‘Fury’ Wins Award, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

This past January, Liz Lehmann flew out to the west coast for the prestigious San Diego Black Film Festival. Her film, ‘Fury’ was to be showcased, along with more than one hundred other films from around the country.

Liz, my sister-in-law, wife of Dan Kinsella, has been living and breathing this film for so many years, pouring her all into its every detail, both large and small. I was very excited for her, hoping that it would be noticed. It was.

As Sheila Rayam of the Rochester newspaper,” The Democrat and Chronicle” writes:
‘Some local actors and their producer lost their voices in San Diego recently, but it wasn't laryngitis that left them speechless.

The announcement that supernatural chiller Fury took Best Cutting Edge Film honors in the 2009 San Diego Black Film Festival choked their vocal cords.

"We couldn't believe our ears," recalls Liz.’

‘Fury’ is the story of a teenage band that plans its first concert in a haunted and abandoned building; two unexpected guests visit instead. As Liz’s Trillium Films website proclaims, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman lynched’ and the thirty second trailer for the film concludes, ‘Not all ghosts are white.’

I love that Liz used Nick Tahou’s, a restaurant on West Main Street in Rochester that at one time was a freight station, as the filming site.

Liz had one site picked out, but it fell through.

As written in the Canadaigua Messenger Post by David Wheeler: “In desperation I was driving around town, I kept driving past Nick Tahou’s.” She noticed that the upper windows were blocked out. Once owner Alex Tahou took her upstairs, she knew this was the place.

“I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” she said. “It was big, it was dark, it was dirty; it looked like it had been abandoned for decades — complete with dead pigeons.”

Sounds perfect for a horror film!

Congratulations, Liz! Perhaps we can have a screening at the next family reunion, and keep us up to date on any new projects. To see Liz’s movie trailer for yourself, just go to:

To read the two newspaper articles referenced above, go to:

Picture One:
Liz and ‘Fury’ Team at San Diego Black Film Festival
Picture Two: Fury movie poster at San Diego Black Film Festival
Picture Three: Liz and team


Pat said...

Wow, Liz!!

Not sure what 'Best Cutting Edge' Film is, but I am sure that you will take it!


I look forward to future movies from you.


Sue Kinsella said...

I hear that the movie has won an Internet award as well. Go, Liz!

CB said...

THis is proof that IF you hang in, SOMETHING WILL happen!! Liz has hung for some time and we are very proud and happy for her!!! CB

Diana said...

Liz - be sure to let us all know if you ever need accordion music in your films - I think a couple of us can dust of our squeeze boxes just for you!

Of course that could be a horror - couldn't it!