Monday, December 8, 2008

Esther Mildred Taylor Lochner--Dec. 9, 1921 By Aunt CB

I could write miles about Es, the sister I became closest to after we grew up. We lived in close proximity and our temperaments were much the same. Therefore, when we got together, our mouths never closed!
It wasn’t always so. Doris and I were closer than two halves of a walnut when we were in high school. Esther was then living in Rochester, first attending Rochester Business Institute (and being a ‘mother’s helper’ for her room and board), then working in a bank and eventually at Kodak as a secretary.

She was meeting new fellows, and would bring them home, always prefacing their visits by a note to Doris and me to ‘clean up the place’. (We dreaded those notes!)

She was, of course, much more grown up then we were at that time and during one visit home she really showed her stripes! It was winter, and during the colder months we slept in a 3/4 bed in the same room as the double bed that she and Ruth usually slept in (no heat upstairs). As Ruth was not home, Doris was to sleep with Esther in the larger bed, with me in the smaller one. They were placed side by side with two feet or so between them.

Now just before bed time, Doris and I had found some silly thing to giggle over, and we couldn’t seem to stop, once we were all three tucked in for sleep, lights out. Es scolded us twice, and a third time quite forcefully, but we were on a roll and nothing quieted us down.

Suddenly, in extreme aggravation, she planted her feet in the middle of Doris’ back and the first I knew of it, Doris was being propelled, forcefully, across those two feet and landing on top of me! Needless to say, that only revved up our mirth. Poor Es, anyways, happy 87th birthday, sis. I miss you terribly!

Picture One: Esther's behind, Ethel Taylor and Lloyd Taylor, in 1927 Chrysler car we bought from B.W. Taylor in 1943-44
Picture Two: Esther, Sylva
Picture Three: Lucille, Esther, Doris 1940
Picture Four: Esther, 1945, 3 Cambridge St. Rochester


Julie Riber said...

All of the Taylor girls were such beauties. Every picture I see reminds me once again of the glamour and beauty, inside and out, of all of you. I'm lucky to have had such wonderful aunts. Which leads me to the fact that you also served as role models for me and how I try to relate to my own nieces, nephews and godchildren. As best as I can, I'm here for all of them, as my aunts were for me.
Some of the pictures I have seen, some not. The first one falls into the latter category. Whose butt is that in the car window? As always, a terrific job of blogging, Pat. Thanks ever so much.

Pat said...


Look more carefully at the description of that picture--"Esther's behind"!! Ma knew you would appreciate that particular picture.

As her niece, I never saw that side of your Mom, so to speak. So, great to see a picture that shows her zany side.

I was just getting ready to leave for college when Aunt Esther died. I so wish that I had had more time with her as I grew to adulthood, to get to know her better.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Esther--we are all thinking of you down here.

Sue Kinsella said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Esther! How we've missed you these many years!

Anonymous said...

I knew Esther better than any of Bryant's cousins, and we visited each other often. When she knew we were going to Australia and was having an auction which included our Wurlitzer organ, she called and wanted to put in a bid. They would be out of town that day.
The day came and there was one other person bidding whom we knew but did not necessarily want to have it. So we put a "cap" on the item and informed Esther she had it. There was much jubilation when she heard, although she never knew the whole story.

Laurie Lochner said...

I totally agree with Julie, what beautiful Taylor girls!! Great pictures, and such wonderful memories from her sister!! I only wish I knew her, from all that I hear I know she had to have been a wonderful person.
I love her for bringing Rick in to the world, that will always make her special to me. That and the fact that I know her family loved and loves her very much.

Anonymous said...

OH my heavens!!! Even after all these years I read your comments and think of her and sit and bawl!!!I do hope she is aware of all our love! CB

Chuck Lochner said...

Now that's a side of Mom I never saw ...