Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January Birthdays: Part Two

In the Doris Hawkes family, January is the birthday month of Steve, and Mary Ann, wife of Charlie.

In the Lucille Kinsella family, Birthday kids are Jim, and Liz Lehmann, wife of Dan.
Picture One: Mary Hawkes
Picture Two: Steve Hawkes—in blue
Picture Three: Liz Lehmann
Picture Four: Jim and Jill Kinsella


Diana said...

Mary and Charlie are very special people in the life of my mother. Aunt Doris - used to send my mom her favorite comic strip, Prince Valiant as it was not in the Sunday papers in MN.

When she no longer could do that - Charlie and Mary took it on - Mom has a hard time reading them now but looks forward to the 'suprise envelopes' with several weeks of comics and family news.

Bless you for remembering her like this.

Pat said...

Just added in a new picture of Mary Hawkes, wife of Charlie.

As Charlie writes to me: "I took it while we were on vacation in Tennessee and it`s kind of one of my favorites."

I heard about their time on motorcycles, but GREAT PICTURE!!!