Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wedding of Amanda McBride and Lance Taylor, by Evelyn Taylor

In November, Aunt CB wrote of Bryant Taylor, Lance’s father, and included a picture from his wedding. Now, a little more than sixty-six years later, his mother writes about Bryant’s son’s wedding.

October 19th, 2008—With any wedding there are stories to be told, and this one is no different. In August, Lance and Amanda purchased a lovely old 1825 home at 109 East Main Street in Le Roy at an auction. The closing expected in September or early October, so it became the perfect place to be married in the backyard which bordered on the golf course and to have the small reception in the empty house.

House closings are notoriously unpredictable, and as the date of the wedding crept nearer and nearer, it was apparent that a “Plan B” had to be made. It was decided to have it catered by the D & R Restaurant in Le Roy at the Genessee Country Museum, which consists of about thirty original buildings circa 1850s brought together to form a village. They were told that the Depot Restaurant was not being used and that they could be married anywhere—church, gardens, etc.

Somewhere in the time frame, they were told that the restaurant would not be available after all, but they could have a huge dining room for $1300 and another $1300 to get married.

It was now the week of the wedding and there could still be a closing. However, at 3:30 on Friday they were told it would not take place. They had to quickly come up with a “Plan C”! The LeRoy Country Club came through with their main dining room, but they had to cater it. The manager, Barbie, took control of all the details. On Saturday when Pam and I went there to set up the cake table, which I had taken on, the tables for six were set beautifully.

Amanda’s sister, Lisa, had made lovely flower arrangements for the tables, using Lance’s bud vase collection: corsages for family and bridal party, and the bride’s bouquet.

Where were they going to get married? The owner of the Country Club knew the original plan of having the ceremony in their backyard, so he suggested they get married on the 14th green on the golf course, which was directly in back of their property. How novel is that?

Calls and emails to invited guests had been made, but some might need directions, so balloons were put on the “Sold” sign in front of the house with a sandwich board saying where it was. Guests began arriving at 3:30 as told.

Amanda arrived but was staying outside. Lance came into the room to announce that Amanda had forgotten her bouquet (ten miles away in Batavia). Lance asked if it was necessary for her to have a bouquet. He got a resounding “Yes!” from the women. He sent Jim, a fast driver, to get it, and he was back within a short time. In the meantime, Amanda came in because it was cold waiting in the car—so much for tradition!

The announcement was made that we were all to go to the wedding venue by golf carts, which we had to drive ourselves. They were all lined up outside and when we all had taken our places, we were told that now we could start our engines. Thus, began a twenty single-file cavalcade of golf carts over hill and dale, amid gales of laughter. It was quite a distance and when we arrived, there was an area ringed with pots of fall-colored mums and three rows of folding chairs facing the back of The Homestead.

After everyone had parked, there seemed to be another delay. The two little nephews of Amanda (four and six) who were going to present the rings (in boxes) during the ceremony had to go to the bathroom. They went all the way back to the club!

Finally, the ceremony was performed by Judge Charles Dusen, a close friend. Michael Krouse was Best Man and Lisa was Matron of Honor.

As we all returned to our golf carts, Lance told us to pick up a mum and carry it on the back where the golf clubs were carried. There were seventeen of them so we made a festive sight on the return.

Then we had the reception with wine, beer, hors d’oeuvres, followed by a filet mignon and shrimp scampi dinner.

It was a wedding to be remembered, as all weddings should be. Cheers to Amanda and Lance!


Pat said...

Great story! Congrats to the bride and groom. And, I wonder what fellow golfers were thinking as the cavalcade of carts passed by; surely, people dress pretty well to golf,but THAT much?!

sue kinsella said...

I love the way they just rolled (in golf carts, no less!) with all the revisions as everything kept changing all along. Seems to bode well for a marriage!

Have they gotten into the house now? What a great history for their home.

Diana said...

Congrats - as long as you are able to keep 'rolling' with what life sends you - you'll be fine!