Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Birthdays: Part One

It is February and the snow is falling so fast I can barely see outside. And, with three feet of snow already on the ground, there is NO PLACE to put this latest twenty inches.

But, until it ends, I am here inside, so might as well get cooking--I always think of stews or soups on days like this.

But, Food can also mean Birthday Cakes, and we have LOTS of Great February Birthdays here at the TaylorBaker Blog.

In Harold’s family, both of Ann’s children, Jessica Rose Rooks and Elliot Ryan Catherman, celebrate February Birthdays. Also, Mallory Ann Alberts ( Judy’s daughter), and Abigail Elizabeth Hauf ( Kathy Taylor’s grand-daughter), blow out candles this month.

Picture One: Jess
Picture Two: Elliot
Picture Three: Mallory
Picture Four: Abby

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Pat said...

For those of you who say 'Wait a minute, Mallory Alberts is blonde!', as Judy tells me, well, brunette is in at the moment, so Mallory is trying this look.

And, the hike does look like fun, Mallory.

Happy Birthday to all of Uncle Harold's February Birthday Kids.