Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Happy Valentine’s Day on the Cousins Blog! Okay, so it IS a day early--

I got the idea to put up wedding photos when I came across a wonderful picture of Great Uncle Leon’s wedding car.

Great Uncle Leon Taylor’s Wedding Car, 1922. Now THAT is how you decorate a car!

So, here on this day of love and hearts and roses and yes, chocolate candy (one can only hope?), I give you some wedding pictures of our family, old and new ones.

Lloyd and Ethel, Wedding Day, 1915.

Ruth and Tom Maney, Wedding Day, 1942.

Doris and Bud Hawkes, Wedding Day, 1947 With Aunt CB and Ralph ‘Smoke’ Ball. Their son, Charlie, is below.

Charlie and Mary Hawkes, May 1st, 1976.

When I asked Charlie Hawkes for a picture, he sent one that looked very familiar. And, then I saw the date he was married--May 1st, 1976. Many of us helped he and Mary celebrate that important date, just as we had been with each other the day before, on April 30th, 1976 for Aunt Esther’s funeral. So, at Charlie and Mary’s wedding, the Taylor Cheer Tradition began—a loud chant much like the Chilean miners’ soccer chant.

I remember thinking at the time that Mary’s family was good to put up with us, but for a family traveling so quickly from the stark events in life—funeral one day and wedding the next, it seemed like a special bonding element, commemorating both the ones who came before and those who will enter our family. The Cheer continued for many more Taylor Weddings of that era.

Their daughter, Kristyne, is below.

Kristyne and Paul Colley, 2003.

Esther and Dick Lochner, 1946. Below is their daughter, Julie.

Julie and Wes Riber, 1985.

Jack and CB Kinsella, 1949. Below, are some of their children.

Dan and Liz Kinsella, 1994.

Tim and Rose Kinsella, 1976. Below, their daughter Kristin and their son, Paul.

Kristin Kinsella and Tim Walker, 2005

Paul and Angela Kinsella, 2010.

Pat Kinsella and Glenn Herdeg, 1983, with Beth Kinsella and Paul Herdeg. Pat is wearing her mother's wedding dress.

Jim and Jill Kinsella, 1998.

Chris and Jen Kinsella, 1996.

Harold and Barb Taylor, 1950. From Left to Right, Charles Wixom--best man, Harold, Barb, Phyllis Buck--maid of honor, Jack Kinsella, Cliff Buck.

Below is a picture of their daughter, Ann, getting married.

Ann Taylor and Dennis Catherman, 1980. Below is their daugther, Jess.

Jessica Catherman and Erik Rooks, 2008.

On another note, Charlie Hawkes ends his note by writing:
“Things here in Western New York are about normal for this time of year. I must admit, however, I am concerned. Should I be upset about a huge wall of ice coming in from the north with what appears to be a mastodon in it?
...This CAN`T be good.........”

Enjoy this day, and February!


Mom/Aunt CB said...

A lovely edition! Maybe a yearly event when others send in their pictures?
And Julie Lochner also wore her mother's dress! Thank you Pat for ALL your inspirations! You keep us together!

Dad said...

Pat, what a lot of work but what a wonderful article!!! Just great