Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011 Birthdays: Part Two

In Esther Lochner’s family, Julie Ann Riber, Richard John Lochner, and Brian Michael Lochner ( Ted’s son) all celebrate birthdays this month.

In CB Kinsella’s family, Susan Ethel Kinsella turns the big sixty—Congrats Big Sister! Takeshi Sakanishi (Beth Kinsella’s husband), also has a birthday this month.

Picture One: Julie
Picture Two: Rick and daughter Sara
Picture Three: Brian
Picture Four: Susan
Picture Five: Takeshi and P-Chan


Pat said...

Happy Birthday, All!

Sue, on this big number birthday, we Kinsellas look to you to get slightly older, gracefully. Well, perhaps gracefully is not the word to use with us Kinsellas?!


MOM/CB said...

I cannot imagine where time has gone! It seems only yesterday that Jack and I were walking the street before our apt, him, scared to death and wanting to go to Hospital and me saying, not yet , and Leona bringing over a piece of custard pie for me to enjoy before the big event! [ which took forever So the pie was long gone!] And now you say the EVENT is 60 years old? well , thats what the years do for us! I'm just so glad thast we had her!!!