Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Birthdays, 2010: By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Wow--I will not go on and on about the rainy weather we have been having in New England, but enough is enough!

Let me just say that when you see people on the television being rescued from their flooded cars with bulldozers, you can now say you know one of those unfortunates….my son had to climb out of my car’s sunroof to escape and yes, was plucked to safety by the bucket of a bulldozer, nearby only because the family was trying to save their home from the river.
So, please, let’s talk about birthdays!

In the Taylor family,

William Carson, father of Emma Carson (Emma is the mother of the twins, Floyd and Lloyd Taylor), and Pamela Taylor Crane (daughter of Bryant and Evelyn Taylor) are April Birthday Kids.

In Aunt Ruth’s family,

Marlene Ann Maney ( Richard’s daughter) celebrates this month.

In Uncle Arnon’s family, Michael Anthony McCarty (Diana’s son), Graham Alan Wright (Donnie’s son, grandson of Nancy), and Gabrielle Michelle Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, 1st grandchild of Nancy Taylor Wright) all blow out candles in April.

Picture One: Pam and brother, Mitch by their dad’s cemetery stone
Picture Two: Marlene
Picture Three: Michael
Picture Four: Graham
Picture Five: Gabby

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CB said...

I have not seen Mitch since he was a kid but am amazed at his resemblance to Aunt Goldie, his grandmother!!! WE can't hide, can we? CB