Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Birthdays, Part Four

On the Baker side,

we have Gladys Howland Wood and her son--Michael F. Wood , and Gladys’ great grandson, Aedyn Langstaff (Kathryn Wood Barron’s grandson), and Neil Carmen Maffei, Jr. ( Leona’s son), all celebrating this month.

Two of Aunt Phyllis’ daughters were born on the same day in April, just two years in between--Rhoda Lynn Coleman, and Sheila Ann Coleman (known as Annie); also in Phyllis’ family, Bernard C. Walker (Dawn Coleman’s—Phyllis’ daughter-husband) are Birthday Kids.

Congratulations to All!

Picture One: Gladys
Picture Two: Michael and Chris
Picture Three: Aedyn
Picture Four: Bernie, Annie, Ed
Picture Five: Rhoda

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Pat said...

For those cousins who did not hear, Rhoda died sometime late last year or early this year.

I did not know her, but I am SURE that she had stories I would have loved to have heard!