Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chic, or Lester Harry Wood Jr: By Kathryn Wood Barron

Lester Harry Wood Jr.
July 30, 1946 - January 29, 2010

You do not want to write about your big brother with his life dates like that. The second date is the day he died. I get this line from a song going thru my head - "it's the end of the world as we know it". So appropriate.

Chic had been in the ICU for about three weeks before he died. He had been in the Hospital last summer too. There were many things wrong. When he was in first grade, he had Rheumatic fever. He had it again the following year. That messed with his heart. He even had diabetes. He wasn't too fond of taking care of his health either. Big bummer for those of us who are still here.

I deleted his phone number from my cell phone the other day. Today I put it back in. Don't know why, but I did. I tried to call it to hear his message, but the number was as dead as he is. I feel like someone viciously tore out a hole in me. He was 63 and that was too soon. He was my big brother and he knew me better than anyone in the world. I am going to miss him forever.

January really sucked this year.

As far as a funeral, there is not one. There will be a 'get together' near the flea market he sold in in Pa. There may be something at the Center Lisle church later but I do not know when or what. He wanted his ashes buried with his first child - Richard Adin Wood.

Picture One: Chic, taken 2005
Picture Two: Chic, 1995, telling the photographer (Kathryn), NOT to take the picture!
Picture Three: The Wood Pile: Chic, Kathryn, Gail, Michael, Laurel, Wendy, August 1989


Pat said...

So sorry to hear about Chic.

He was older than me, so he was probably one of the cousins playing baseball at the Baker reunions, or hanging out with the cool older kids...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Wood family.


CB said...

Doesn't that top picture remind you of Wendell? Kathryn, I identify with your shock! When Esther died, [ the first of my siblings to do so] I was imobilized with not only grief but shock! She was only 55 and far too young! She had been on her way to my house for dinner with me when she had her stroke! A part of me went with her. I felt as you do! However, as I said to you before, I can see the reunion up there, Gladys, Aunt Lil , even Adin!! All set to talk! CB

Kathryn said...

Chic probably wanted to see Uncle Adin and Richie first.
It really is a shock. When Beth and I were visiting him that day (the day Chic died) in the hospital, he was out of it. I told Josh that since Chic was like that, I could tell all the dirt about what he did in our childhood. Chic's belly jiggled like a belly laugh. Josh had been on the road a lot and that day was the only time we were both there. I think Chic waited for that.
It sounds like there will be a memorial service in Center Lisle in April or so. I will let Pat know the details when I find out more.

Diana said...

So sorry to hear of your loss - I remember when Jim died - it hit me like a ton of bricks - you always think there will be time - time to visit and tell stories that would mortify your kids, time to watch children and grandchildren grow.

Things like this remind us that now is the only time we have for sure - everything else is a bonus.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kathryn said...

Yup, a ton of bricks is a good comparison. I feel like the phone should ring and Chic should say some rude, crude thing to me.
Josh is Chic's son, for those of you who do not know this. Josh is the one who is handling everything. He is a young guy but is doing quite well really. Chic would be proud of him.

Kathryn said...

Well, today I went to the get together in Mercer for Chic. There were lots of pictures of his life around. There was food and music (country, of course) and people who knew my brother. He was even there. At least, his ashes were. He would have loved it. Josh and Brandy did real well. I've been doing ok but when I hugged Josh, I lost it totally.
Damn, I really miss Chic.

Pat said...


Thanks for the update about Chic!! I am glad that you got to make it--must have been good to be surrounded by so many friends and family who were telling stories of your big brother.


Anonymous said...

First of all...this is my first time being on this wonderful family website. Thanks to Aunt Kathryn who told me to visit ... I'll interduce myself.. I'm Brandy Kapp whom I'm engaged to Joshua Wood !! I want to say "Thank you" to everyone . The support we got for LEster Wood ( "I call DAD" ).. The Memorial services that we had went good and Josh and I want to Thank everyone who came and supported us !! We had two services , the first one was in Mercer, PA near Chics Salvage Grocery store that he owned and opperated for over 20 years. It was held in an Auction House where Chic would go and sell and buy things for his hobby !! Thank you to the wonderful friends and Family that attended that service . That's they way Chic would have wanted it ! The second service we held was in Center Lisle, NY in the month of April ! We took Chic (DAD) up to his home town back to the Center Lisle Church and had a beautiful service once again with all Family !! Then we took Chic (Dad) back to Port Crane and layed him to rest with his oldest son Richie !! We wanted to honor him with his wishes to the fullest ! It's hard to over come the hurt and pain of losing a loved one . But we always know that Chic's here around everyone of us in Spirit !! Joshua & Jonathon are Chic's youngest Twin boys . Chic waited for them to come together and hold his hand before his passing . It's hard to say Chic passed away holding hand in hand with his Twins the evening before their birthday !! So now the boys have a reason to Celebrate their birthdays knowing that Chic) their Father is no longer suffering and in a much better place !! I have to say that Chic was Great Older Brother, Husband, Father and Most of all a Wonderful GrandFather !! Thank you ~ Joshua Wood and Family

Pat said...

Brandy and Josh,

THANK YOU for the comment!

As you will probably already see, I am putting your comment up on the blog as a story, so that others can see it.

We all wondered how his Center Lisle Memorial went, and it is so good to hear from family about it!

And, in case you are wondering, the reason your comment did not immediately pop up is we have some trouble with spammers who would like to put all sorts of comments into these pages, SO, after 21 days, any comments have to come to me first and I check them through.

I must say it was a delight to get a true comment and NOT a pornographic advertisement!

Thank you so much for writing in and please do keep checking back for more stories and pictures.

ANY TIME you want to write a story about Lester, or just send me pictures to put up on the blog, do!!

My email is:

And, my name is Pat, daughter of Aunt CB, who is first cousin to Gladys.