Saturday, February 6, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday and My Birthday, By Julie Lochner Riber


On Sunday AM in the middle of the night,
I woke with a start and a terrible fright.

I was suddenly aware of a conflict nearby
That had me befuddled I thought I would cry.

As you all know, football playoffs are done
You’re aware of the teams who played ball and won.

Indianapolis and New Orleans in Miami we’ll see
On February 7 is when Superbowl will be.

The nightmare I woke to as I’m now aware,
It’s also my birthday, but no one will care.

In our house it’s football from morning till night
Hot wings and pizza, no cake or candle light.

Go Colts! or go Saints, I’ll just have to wait.
Till next year’s birthday to celebrate.

Cancel my birthday in 2010.
Kickoff and football is back once again!

I don’t need to age, and that’s fine with me.
I’ll skip this year’s birthday till next year with glee.

Just one year older on February seven
But not till the year of two thousand eleven.
Picture One: Julie and her Dad, Uncle Dick, 1954
Picture Two: Sue Kinsella and Julie (in the high chair)

Picture Three:
Front Row: Dan Kinsella, Julie Lochner, Rick Lochner, Marylou Taylor
Second Row: Dan Maney, George Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Sue Kinsella
Third Row: Richard Maney, Jim Taylor, Jack Taylor
Fourth Row: Bob Taylor, Michael Maney, Nancy Taylor, David Lochner

Picture Four: Julie and Wes, 1985
Picture Five: Julie and Wes, 2009


Pat Herdeg said...


Happy Birthday on Sunday!! HOPE YOU GET CAKE!!



CB said...

Dear julieannasweetlove![name aunt Esther and Dick called her when she arrived!!!] You are no less loved today by me !!! Football OK but who is in kitchen keeping snacks coming??? IF THEY are smart, they will remember!!! AUNT CB

Diana said...

Julie - Happy Birthday! Your family should remember this old wise adage:

"If mama ain't happy no one's happy"

PS - I would not have watched the SuperBowl even if the Vikings had won - I think though I may go shopping in your honor! Thanks for giving me an excuse. LOL

Kathryn said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birtday, dear Julie,
Happy Birthday to you!
(you need to add the music)

Susan Kinsella said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! I suppose that some would consider it quite a gift for two football teams to decide to play a big game to celebrate your birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love you, Sue

Susan Kinsella said...

Oh, I forgot to comment on what a good poet I think you are!

Pat said...

Dear Jules,

I hope you feel loved by us Kinsellas, because we DO love you so much!!

You have always been there with a story, or a great dessert, or a joke--and your wonderful Lochner laugh! Even when you moved and decided that Colorado was the place to be, you still make the effort to come east and see as many relatives as possible.

You always share your self--your love of life, your wacky ideas, your exciting journeys around the country....

So, on this, your special day--Happy Birthday--We love ya, girl!

Julie said...

Ya know, even from day #1, February 2, 1952, I knew I had the best family anyone could ever ask for. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. In fact, I did have cake (the night before), and a wonderful dinner with friends (the night before) and Birthday breakfast (early on the 7th). Wes did give me a dozen red roses, cards and lots of hugs and kisses all day long, including during the game!