Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Center Lisle Tannery Pictures

Thanks, Ma, for sending these pictures!!

The first picture shows the tannery, and a flood, but it can't be THE FLOOD because that was in 1935, and the tannery was long gone by then, I think.

And, the men are Elmer Howland (on the far left???) and friends who Ma thinks worked in the tannery.


Diana said...

Gret story and photos - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi-I was always told this picture of Elmer was of him and the men who worked on the highway Dept- Town of Lisle.This same picture was hanging on the wall at the highway garage when Ronnie was hired. Everyone called Ronnie "Elmer" because of this picture and my Uncle Hugh Quail knew Ronnie was Elmer's great grandson. Just thought I would pass this tidbit along. Joyce

Pat said...


Mom is trying to check with Leona, but she thinks you are right about this.

Thank you for telling us!!