Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Birthdays, Part Four

In the Aunt CB family, the Birthday Kids are:
Madeline Kate Kinsella—Jim’s daughter, Daniel John Kinsella, Thomas Edward Kinsella (his Fiftieth!!), Glenn Arthur Herdeg--Pat’s husband (his Fiftieth Also!!), Alexander Brown Kinsella ( Sue’s son) and
Margaret Rose Kinsella (Chris’ daughter).
Picture One: Maggie with a frog at Roaring Brook Reunion
Picture Two: Pat, Alison and Glenn
Picture Three: Tom
Picture Four: Dan
Picture Five: Alex
Picture Six: Maddy on her horse, Roaring Brook


Tim Kinsella said...

Wow, we sure have a lot of December birthdays

Pat said...

Yes, Big Birthday Month for the Kinsellas--Ain't they all boo-ti-ful??