Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, From Nancy

This is our Lake Helen train ride for the Christmas lights in the neighborhoods -- down dirt and paved streets in this area. We have a blast with doing this even when we freeze like we did Monday night (you can see how bundled up everyone is -- it was downright cold that night for the ride) but boy did we have a good time!!!

Curtis has his girlfriend Jessica, Rob has his son Casey, and then there's the rest of us--Donnie, Sarah, Faith and Graham, Cynthia, Jerry, Gabby and Mickey and Sal, and me.

The other pictures are from yesterday when our two neighborhood Sandhill Cranes (they are protected birds in Florida) roamed my yard looking for food -- check out the last pictures of Punkin, my male cat, inside the house looking out at the bird approaching him.

They are real friendly -- course, they're always looking to see if you have a handout also (not supposed to feed them tho -- you know, friend for life type of thing -- always pooping on your doorstep waiting for the handout.

Love to all, have a great New Year!


Diana said...

Cold - HAH! We have snow and below zero here - looks like you all had a great time!

Thanks for sharing - hi to all from the MN Taylors.

Pat said...


Your cat gets slightly larger birds to stare at than my two cats get to enjoy--just little winter chickadees and others like that up north here.

Great pictures--thank you!!