Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Birthdays, Part One:

Happy December!

In history on December First,

-- 1913-- Ford Company introduces the first moving assembly line
-- 1955-- Rosa Parks gets on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and refuses to give up her seat to a white person
-- 1990--The Chunnel connecting the United Kingdom and France meet under the seabed

And, in our TaylorBaker Family History, We have birthdays!

In the Gladys Wood family, Allena Ruth Smerchansky (daughter of Beth Barrons) and
Wendy Lee Wood Osterhout (daughter of Gladys) and her daughter
Sara Grace Osterhout are December Kids Celebrating the month.

Picture One: Allena, Beth—her mother—and Sylva at the Baker Reunion
Picture Two: Wendy and Sara, her daughter

In Uncle Arnon’s family, we have Arnon Lloyd Taylor himself, his children Nancy Carolyn Taylor Wright and George Laurens Taylor, George’s son Adam Samuel Taylor, Jacob Robert Desgroseilliers (Barbara's son, grandson of Bob Taylor) and
William Patrick McCarty (Diana’s husband) as the Birthday Kiddos.

Picture One: Maria and Arnon at Ann Taylor’s wedding, June 1980
Picture Two: Jacob
Picture Three: Bill McCarty
Picture Four: Nancy

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