Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Birthdays, Part Three

In Phyllis’ family, Levi Wendell Henderson, son of David Henderson, grandson of Wendell, and Kelly Renee Walker ( daughter of Dawn, granddaughter of Phyllis) celebrate this month.

In Aunt Dot’s family, Joseph Michael Gabrys (Cindy’s husband) and Jonathan Paul Colley (son of Kristyne, grandson of Charlie Hawkes) have birthdays.

In Sylva’s family, Frederick F. Emhof ( Sylva’s husband) has a birthday this month.

Picture One: Levi
Picture Two: Kelly at Phyllis’ grave in Center Lisle
Picture Three : Joe Gabrys
Picture Four: Jonathan, cool Biker dude that he is…
Picture Five: Freddy, July 1955

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Pat said...

Hey Jonathan,

What do you think of your new little brother?

Love to you also,