Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Birthdays: Part Two

On the Baker side, we have first cousins Lily Rosena Baker Howland ( Aunt Lil), and Merle Barrows (son of Nell and Dell ) celebrating this month. Both were born on November 4th, with Lil seven years older. Look for a longer story about Aunt Lil on her upcoming birthday.

Merle, who died in 1987, married Viola Jackson. They both were at Aunt CB and Uncle Jack’s wedding; after the grand event, when it came time to get to Geneva for wedding pictures, no ride had been arranged. Merle drove to the rescue, after getting Uncle Jack to promise there would be no honking or racing along the way. And, Dad aka Uncle Jack looked at this picture taken of Merle in 1976 and said to me: “That's how I remember him. That's probably HIS DODGE he's sitting in, the best car in the world.’ Anything he owned was the very best. One time when Harold and I were staying with Merle and Viola during deer hunting, his television got fuzzy. He said, "It's not MY television, those smart alecks in the studio are shaking the camera on purpose."

Picture One: Merle Barrows, 1976
Picture Two: Merle Barrows, about age 20
Picture Three: Aunt Lil, taken in 1917
Picture Four: Aunt Lil, with Leona and Sylva

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Susan Kinsella said...

My, November 4th seems to be an important day for the Baker side, just like July 13th is for the Kinsellas. Aunt Lil, Merle Barrows, Dave Lochner and Chris Kinsella all born on November 4th, with Cam Walker and Aunt Barb close on that date, too. Happy Birthday, all!