Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Birthdays: Part Three

In Aunt CB’s family,
Our Birthday Kids for November are:
Timothy James Kinsella and his grandson, Cameron Thomas Walker ( Kristin’s son), Christopher Paul Kinsella and his son Joseph Aiden Kinsella, and Nicholas Sean Herdeg (son of Pat Kinsella).

Picture One: Chris, Dan and Jim Kinsella
Picture Two: Tim Kinsella and cousin Dan Maffei
Picture Three: Nick
Picture Four: Joe
Picture Five: Cameron with his cool clothes pin necktie


CB said...

I must comment on Nick Herdeg's 18th birthday!! Jack and I were there, awaiting the event s as to be there to care for Brian and Alison [ 4and 2 years] Because Glenn was eating at the hospital with Pat one day, we took the kids to Friendly's for dinner. After we ate the waitress came over and was talking with us. I mentioned that the occasion was because of an addition to their family. Turning to Brian she asked, "What did you have?" . Brian, flustered to be singled out stammered , "A hamburg!" We have never let him forget it nor that Nick was a HAMBURG! CB

Pat said...

Yes, we do always mention that one!

Hard to believe it was really eighteen years ago--Nick was born on a Tuesday, very early--1:30 in the morning. So, we always tell him that he got his sports start as Glenn and I watched Monday Night Football waiting for our little one to make his way onto the scene!