Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Birthdays: Part One

November First—Happy Samhain to you all— the Celtic New Year, as we say goodbye to the ‘lighter half’ of the year and herald in the beginning of the ‘darker half’ of the year. And, with Halloween and All Saints Day also at this time of autumn, with warm winds, swirling leaves, pumpkins, bonfires and woods full of witches, skeletons and SpongeBob Squarepants (yes, one came to my door last night), perhaps the veil is thinner between the worlds during these few days, as our Salem history buffs would love to have us believe….

But, for the TaylorBakerCousins Blog, we have Birthdays to Celebrate!!

For November Birthday Kids on the Taylor Side,
we have Joan Tiffany Doran (married to Thomas Doran, son of Florence Taylor Doran who was sister to Lloyd and Floyd). Joan, a retired social worker, and Tom, a retired dentist, live in New Hampshire now, and we ALMOST ran into them this summer while at my daughter Alison’s musical, “42nd Street”. One of these days….!

On Floyd Taylor’s side, we have Lance Taylor (son of Bryant Taylor, son of Floyd Taylor). See the blog story from last December about Lance’s wedding to Amanda for more pictures and information.

In Aunt Esther’s family, David Richard Lochner is our November Birthday Boy—Happy Birthday, Dave!

In Uncle Harold’s family, we have Barbara Marie Buck Taylor (Aunt Barb), Judy Lynn Taylor Alberts and her husband, Jimmy Alberts.

Picture One: Amanda and Lance Taylor
Picture Two: Joan and Tom Doran
Picture Three: David
Picture Four: Baby Kathy and Aunt Barb, Fourth of July, 1953
Picture Five: Judy and Jimmy

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Pat said...

Happy 80th Birthday, Aunt Barb!

We still miss your laugh and your gigantic hugs.