Monday, November 23, 2009

Cousin Update on Rob and Ron:

As we head towards Thanksgiving Day, how are our cousins doing?

Nancy Taylor is keeping us up to date on Rob Taylor’s progress in Florida:

Rob is doing okay in that he has graduated up to being able to drive again, has started back in some of his classes, and he has moved back into Curtis's condo in Ormond Beach (30 minutes drive from us--Donnie lives in Ormond also).

He still has a lack of peripheral vision on the left side, and numbness still up and down the left side and foot. But he's trying to move back into life—

For those cousins who want to send a shout out to Rob, his email is:
His current address is:
120 Limewood Place, #4, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Joyce Henderson writes about Ron, her son:

Pray for him. He is going through a difficult time now--not only his foot but other problems as well. His foot is still numb in part of it and he is going to therapy 2-3 times a week. He says the foot is still sore and he is walking on it but has a limp and maybe always will have.

He was having dizzy spells but not as frequent now. They think now he had a concussion as well. I thank God everyday that he was not hurt as bad as he could have been. He appreciated all the cards and prayers everyone sent his way. I know he is strong and he is going to be okay- just hard to deal with so much at one time -Thank you everyone for thinking of Ron and I hope Rob is coming along too.

Ron’s address is: 222 Oliver Road, Lisle, NY 13797.

Cards and emails are still much appreciated by these two. As we begin Thanks-giving Week, we have so much to be grateful for, and at the top of that list -- that Rob and Ron are progressing, although slower than they would like.

Picture One: Rob Taylor
Picture Two: Ron and mom, Joyce at the Baker Reunion
Picture Three: Ron running the hayride at the Reunion


Pat said...

I am thankful that you two ARE progressing, and I pray that you keep getting better. I cannot begin to know the courage it must take to work your way through these long physical therapy sessions.

And, I still have to meet both of you at one or another of our reunions....

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Susan Kinsella said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody! I'm so glad you're all here.

Love, Sue