Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween--Cousin Style!

Hey, Halloween may be over, and you may be stuffed attempting to finish off your candy leftovers, (don't worry, Thanksgiving will be here soon enough), but enjoy these pictures of our littler cousins!

Picture One: Nathaniel Walker, two months, son of Justin, grandson of Cindy Hawkes Gabrys
Picture Two: Jonathan Colley, ten months, son of Kristyne, grandson of Charlie Hawkes
Picture Three: Cameron Walker, age one, son of Kristin, grandson of Tim Kinsella

More to come--scroll below!


tim kinsella said...

These are great - how come we don't look as cute when we get dressed up for Halloween?

Thanks Pat for keeping this site updated. Even though we don't always comment I think lots of us look at this regularly and really enjoy the postings.

Anonymous said...

I love to see ALL the kids!! And can only imagine how much Ruth, Doris and Esther would have enjoyed this site! I have to say tho, the one of Cameron makes me feel older than dirt! I remember when his mother wore that outfit!!! [made by his other Great grandma, Betty Holz] GG kinsella

Pat said...

I THOUGHT that costume looked familiar!

Rose let me borrow this pumpkin costume and MY kids wore it too (great sewing job, Mrs. Holz).

And, the Ireland picture is for my Pops, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery--keep going, Dad!