Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Birthdays--More!

In the Harold Taylor family, we have daughter Kathy, Kathy’s daughter Yvonne, and MaryLou’s son, Matthew.

In the Esther Lochner family, we have only Esther herself this month--for more on the esteemable Esther Taylor Lochner ( 12/9), check back on her birthday.

Picture One: Yvonne and Tom
Picture Two: Kathy
Picture Three: Matthew, Jesse, Daniel Spear
Picture Four: Aunt Esther


Anonymous said...

Please note in the picture with Esther is TOM, the birthday boy for Dec!! And a little known fact, Before Esther played the accordion, she inserted a pieplate over her "bosooms" to avoid pinching!!! CB

Anonymous said...

And I was there when Kathy made her Coming out party!!! She was a little sweetie! [ and had the ### scared out of her a couple months later as she napped on the bed with her mother and Harold's beer, stored underneath, blew up!!! CB

Pat said...

Well, Thank you for the accordion and pie plate information!

Glenn's father also played accordion, but I highly doubt he utilized the same safety equipment!

Diana said...

I played the accordion too but never used pie plates - wish I had thought of that!