Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barbara Buck Taylor--Nov. 5, 1929, By Aunt CB

Well over twenty-five years ago,maybe even thirty-five, Harold and Barbara, Jack and I made a trip to Puerto Rico together. We intended to visit Bob Van Kirk, a high school classmate of Harold’s and long time friend of Jack. We wanted to meet his new wife, Maggie, and see the island. We did both, in grand style! We’d traveled together before but this was our first trip out of the U.S.A. and we accomplished it.

Some of the highlights (or lowlights):

One: The hotel we stayed in had an elevator built for the truly aged. It was SO SLOW. The fellows would get on and Barb and I would race up the nearby stairway, plop ourselves on the floor near the elevator doors, and pretend to be deep in sleep as they opened!

Two: Then there was the purchase of the fresh pineapple. It seems Harold and Jack were on the beach and their eyes were caught by a woman selling pineapples. They were fascinated by the size of both the fruit for sale and her personal equipage, seeing little difference in size between the two. Having bought one, in order to get close enough to ascertain whether reality was possible (I guess it was), they then had to find a knife to cut it open. The kitchen finally allowed them to ‘borrow’ one, and they sliced it open to discover that a pineapple freshly picked at its peak is much more delicious than ones we can buy in the store.

Three: Moseying around the downtown area, Harold found a large ceiling fan, exactly what he’d been looking for to place in his newly purchased cottage. None were available in our home area. He finally decided that he could transport the fan and motor home on his lap in the plane and was happy as a kid. Barbara declared that if the plane sank, she’d have to save herself as he’d never drop the fan!

Yes, good times we had and through the years plenty of laughs. I can’t help but think she is with us now, still sharing a giggle.

Happy 79th birthday, Barb!

Picture One: Barb March 4, 1994
Picture Two: Barb and Harold, 1972
PictureThree: Barb and Harold Summer of 1948


Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Barb--We miss you!!


Diana said...

Barb and Harold's 'girls' were the cousins that I knew the best and saw most often.

I always enjoyed hearing about 4-H projects and listening to the stories that Aunt Barb or Uncle Harold would tell. Uncle Harold I do particularly remember how long you could drag out a story before we would figure out it was a 'bit of an exageration"

Judy said...

Thanks for that tribute
Aunt CB. I remember hearing
all the stories of the travelling
times in there life.
Love to you all.

Tim Kinsella said...

I also heard that Dad tried to show off his Spanish on this trip and that the results weren't as he expected (I forget the exact details however).