Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Birthdays--Bakers

In Gladys’ family, we have Wendy, daughter of Gladys, and Wendy's daughter, Sara. Also Allena, daughter of Beth, grand-daughter of Kathryn, great grand-daughter of Gladys.

More from Aunt Lil’s family, we have Frederick Emhof, Sylva’s husband, Dorothy Maffei, Leona’s daughter, and Kelly Renee Walker, daughter of Dawn, granddaughter of Phyllis. Also, Levi Wendell Henderson, son of David, grandson of Wendell, great grandson of Phyllis.
Picture One: Sara
Picture Two: Wendy
Picture Three: Freddy
Picture Four: Dorothy
Picture Five: Allena

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Anonymous said...

Is that really Dor? she is a real peach as is Wendy!! we lived in Syracuse when Sue was born and Leona came over often to help!! I always thought that she got ideas from Sue and thus produced Dor!!! CB