Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day!

Snow Day here in Acton, MA. We have about eight inches, with the snow still falling. In fact, much of the state has a snow day, and because it was all beginning at 4AM, most schools called it the night before--unheard of! But nice for the teenagers who then sleep in.

Brings back memories of my snow days in West Irondequoit, NY. When we had the day off, we'd make snow caves and have snow forts, complete with shelves filled with lots of snowball ammo. Then, since we were in between two side streets of warring kids, they'd all fill our yard for the final showdown.

Or, my best friend, Kathie,had a St. Bernard. Heidi was a huge dog, and she enjoyed our favorite snow day event--pullings us in a sled up and down the snowy Seville Dr. At least, we hoped she enjoyed it.

Well, off to shoveling!


Tim Kinsella said...

we missed most of the snow; we only got an inch this time. I'm sure we'll get more this winter!

Susan Kinsella said...

We missed the snow in San Francisco, too - thank goodness!

Actually, it was quite exciting when it snowed here when Alex was in 6th grade. The dusting on the mountains was beautiful, kids excitedly brought snowballs to class, and everything melted by mid-morning. My kind of snowstorm!

Alex, however, would like more of a snow experience, since he didn't grow up with it like I did. It seems like just about every time we go back to Rochester in the winter, that's the one week they don't get snow! Although we did get to do a lovely trip to Letchworth SP in a snowstorm on my birthday in February this year.

After Christmas, Alex went to Lake Tahoe with a friend's family for a week, where they got tons of snow. He loved sledding, skiing, even shoveling! I missed him, but was glad to be home where most of the time we don't even need to turn on the heat in the winter. People here complain about the winter rainstorms, but I love that they are interspersed with so many weeks of sunshine and blue skies.

Sue Kinsella said...

Pat, I'm really enjoying these pictures you're putting at the top of the blog and changing frequently. They're so beautiful!

But I'm laughing right now at the latest change - first you had deep (and beautiful) snow as you wrote about the big snowstorm that just hit New England. Then, after my post about California, you replaced it with a picture of (amazing!) surfing!

Pat said...

You never know WHAT you are going to get when you turn to this blog!!

Let's keep 'em guessing!