Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reunion Pictures--Part Two

More reunion pictures, these from 1989.

To see reunion pictures from 2007, click on the '2007' under 'Blog Archive' and scroll all the way down to the bottom. It was the great emails and pictures about that September reunion that started this Cousin Blog!

Again, my attempts. I have been known to be wrong.
Picture One:
David Lochner, CB Kinsella, Julie Lochner, Doris Hawkes, Wes Riber
I absolutely love this picture. The reunion would not be a success without David getting to take home part of a pie!
Picture Two:
Hawkes Family: Starting Right to Left in back, Steve Hawkes, Aunt Doris, Charlie, Mary and Cindy--all else--help?
Picture Three:
Our beautiful ones, minus one of course: Left to Right, Uncle Harold, Uncle Arnon, Aunt Ruth, CB Kinsella and Doris Hawkes


Chuck Lochner said...

These make me both happy and sad.

Chuck Lochner

Charlie said...

As for picture two (the one in the middle),the pictured are (from left to right): Alyssa (Mickey`s grandaughter) Mick, Jan, Heather, Cindy, Kelly, Justin, Mary, Krissy, Charlie, Aunt Dot, and Steve.

Pat said...

Thanks, Charlie!

Ma wrote information for the 900 plus pictures on the Taylor CD which I will be putting up on this blog soon for whomever wants to put a name with a face or download.

In this picture, she got everyone right, but could not remember Alyssa's name.

I am beginning a corrected copy so that we can fill in, add to, or correct Ma's copy as people help us with identifications.