Monday, January 7, 2008

Check out the Aunt Lil Interview and Baker Family Tree!

Hi Cousins,

Happy New Year!

I have added the Baker Family information, thanks to my mom and dad and their exhaustive research. Just click on 'Baker/Borthwick/Youngs/Mott' under 'Baker Family Tree' and you should be directed to the information via a link.

I also have an interview from 1977 that my father, Uncle Jack Kinsella, recorded with Aunt Lil while she was up at our cottage in Canada (most likely when she ate catnip for Tom, Beth and I).

Scroll down and look on the right for: audio interviews. Click on 'Aunt Lil Interview'. It is divided into three parts of about ten minutes or so. Feel free to download, but you only have to hit 'play' to listen to them.

I hope to also add an interview with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor, but will wait to see if we can clean up its quality.

Thanks to Dad for the original recording, my brother Jim for turning all of this into an mp3 file, and my son Brian for helping me get the interviews onto and getting it linked up so that you can listen to them!


Diana said...

Who would have thought that technology would be so useful in sharing information from past generations!

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Pat said...

Aunt Lil does not have much of a farming accent, but Uncle Jack Kinsella (okay, my Pops) wrote this to me: Remember hearing that some people in Appalachia still talk 17th to 18th century English?

Well, one time I was at Center Lisle with your mother and there was a gathering in the local church for some reason I have now forgotten. As I was standing there, Dell Borrows walked up. I had met him some time before so I said, "Hello, Uncle Dell." He stopped and gave me a very puzzled look and then said, "Who be ye?"

Sue kinsella said...

Wow, what a lot of great stuff you've added, Pat! It feels like Christmas all over again!

What's the difference between the yellow and the red for names in the dates listing?

Pat said...

Boys versus girls. I was wondering how many of each, so I tried different colors to get the names to stand out.

May just go to one color for both.

Tom Kinsella said...

Good lord I thought I only had one or two birthdays to remember in January -- now the calendar's full!

sue kinsella said...

If you go to one color, I vote for the yellow. With eyesight less pristine than it used to be, my eyes were doing tangos with the red. (Although it's a GREAT hair color!)

Anonymous said...

I finally heard the 'Aunt Lil interview'. My computer is wonky and I have a dial up connection to the net, so I needed to get my daughter to download it for me.
Jack did a FANTASTIC job of interviewing Grandma. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed hearing my Grandmother's voice again after so long. The stories are wonderful nuggets of history.
I had almost forgotten how she said some stuff. Like how she made the words 'good' and 'deal' into 'goodeal'. She said 'don't you know' a lot too.
Thank you for sharing this with us!