Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 around the Cousins Blog

Here are some pictures of our cousins on Christmas Day:

Dawn Coleman Walker, her daughter Kelley and her grand-daughter, Rene'e 

Bernie Walker

Chris, Matt, Tom, Tim and Jim Kinsella, Christmas Day

At The Homestead-- 1826 home that Lance and Amanda Taylor have in LeRoy. Pam Crane, Lance and Amanda Taylor and Evelyn Taylor ( who has her coat on, ready to go home, when they decided to take a family picture), and Pam's friend Charlie Poltenson.

Happy New Year to all the "Cousins, by the dozens."!

Christmas at Aunt CB and Uncle Jack's house

Nativity Sets at Aunt CB and Uncle Jack's house

Christmas at the Bernie and Dawn Walker's house

Hope these last few days of 2011 are good to all of you!

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Tim Kinsella said...

Wonderful pictures Pat - what a nice way to share Christmas memories with our cousins.