Saturday, December 24, 2011

“I Want to See Christmas.” By Evelyn Taylor

Evelyn Taylor, wife of Bryant Taylor, Aunt CB's cousin, often writes stories for our cousins' blog. Here is one she wrote for her great-granddaughter, Olive, who lives in New Zealand.

Chippy, the chipmunk who lived in a small backyard in a village named Le Roy, had heard stories of how beautiful Christmas was. It came every December, and where he lived, that month was a cold winter one, so he was always snug and asleep in his underground house until spring.

But, unlike other chipmunks, Chippy had a summer house above ground in a rock garden. Rock gardens are supposed to have flowers in them, but the dirt kept washing away, so it finally became just a pile of rocks with wonderful open places to play in, hide in, and scamper through to the top rock for a look at the world each morning.

Wondering how he could ever see Christmas, a brilliant idea “popped” into his head. He would use his “summer” house for one “winter” day, Christmas!

He set his day alarm clock for midnight December 25th, and when it rang, he dashed to the rock pile to wait. Nestled down in the lowest space, he could look right up through the top and see the sky.

As he was gazing intently, something wet, cold, and very soft fell on his nose, and more kept falling out of the sky. They were white and soft like dandelion fluff in the spring.

As he was blinking to keep these strange things out of his eyes, he suddenly saw a glorious bright star. He was so excited he kept jumping up and down. The star, of course, was the one that showed the shepherds and wise men the way to the manger where the baby Jesus lay sleeping in the manger so long ago.

Yes, Chippy had heard the wonderful story and that was why he always wanted to see Christmas, and he had at last!

Now, he could return to his underground home for the rest of the winter with the Peace and Joy of Christmas in his heart.

From all of us here at the Taylor Baker's Cousin Blog, Merry Christmas to all of you!! Wishing you much laughter and love today, Christmas Eve, and tomorrow, Christmas Day.


Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable story.
Pat, thank you for one of the best gifts: This site!!
Merry Christmas Everyone

Mom/Aunt CB said...

Aren't we just the luckiest family in the world? To all be related and love one another and be able to tell you all on this blog!
Happy New Year and hope all have wonderful 2012!!