Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome to the World, Dominic Carmelo Lochner!

We got the news that Aunt Esther and Uncle Dick have another great grandchild.

On November 1st, David Lochner's son, Stephen, and wife Christin had a baby boy.  Dominic Carmello Lochner weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs., 15 ounces and was born via c-section because he wasn't due until November 17.

Steve explains to his aunt Julie: “Tomorrow is my day off and I will probably be up at least four times tonight. It's a good thing he's cute.”

Stephen and Dominic

Thank you for these pictures, Stephen and Christin—he IS cute! Congratulations go out to all three of you, and to all of the Lochner family.

"Great big kisses, Aunt Julie."


Aunt CB said...

What a sweetie! Anbd what a load for Christin to carry! Wish I were closer to take a night or two!
Congratulations to both of you!

Pat said...

Stephen and Christin,

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us--Dominic is a cutie!

We all miss Aunt Esther so much--she left us way too soon. I know she would have spent any extra years giving us lots of stories and wisdom to hold onto. She would be so happy for you all.


Steve said...

Thanks for the kind words and wishes. As of 12/1 he weighed 12lbs 1oz. He's growing exponentially. I'm gonna have to pick up some extra shifts at work just for the grocery bill.

Aunt CB said...

Steve, Can you scee any red in his hair? He looks a lot like Dave did when he was born! Watch it when he gets walking! I well remember that David never missed a puddle!

Steve said...

There's no red that I can see. Maybe when he begins to grow facial hair that will come in redish...just like mine. If he's half as good as I was at finding stuff to break, this blog will go on for quite some time.