Monday, January 2, 2012

January Birthdays, 2012! By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Another year is upon us here at the Cousins Blog. Thank you all for your help in keeping this site going, in suggesting new stories, in sending your pictures of various cousins. We could not do it without all of you. If you have any ideas on stories you want researched or written, email me. If you want to write a short story on your ancestor, please do!!

And now, on to the Birthdays:

Jim Kinsella
(See the picture above? The bottom row, second boy from the left is little Jimmy. The picture is taken at Otty Lake in Canada)
 Top row is Aunt Esther, Nancy Wright, Aunt CB,
Second Row is Dan Kinsella, Grandma Taylor, Tom Kinsella
Bottom Row is Ted Lochner, Jim Kinsella, Nancy's son Donnie, Beth Kinsella
 Liz Lehmann

Paul and Angela Kinsella

In Aunt CB’s family, James Matthew Kinsella , Elizabeth Lehmann ( Dan Kinsella's wife), and Angela Cooper Kinsella, wife of Paul Kinsella, all are the January Kids.

 Ruth Maney

Mike Maney
In Aunt Ruth Maney’s family, Ruth Taylor Maney herself is the Birthday girl. Aunt Ruth’s son, Michael James Maney also blows out candles.

In the Older Generation, Elmer Howland (Aunt Lil's husband), and Ruth Inez Baker (sister of Ethel, Adin and Lil), were born in January.
 Elmer Howland
 Ruth Baker

On the Taylor side, Bryant C. Taylor (son of Floyd) and his wife,Evelyn Taylor, both have birthdays this month.
Bryant and Eve Taylor

In Aunt Leona’s family, Geoffry Max Body-Maffei (Neil Maffei's son) is the Birthday Kid of the month.
In Aunt Sylva’s family, Sylva Joyce Howland Emhof, and Norris Arnold (Linda Emhof's husband) have January Birthdays.

In Aunt Phyllis’ family, Dawn Coleman Walker (Phyllis Howland's daughter), and Justin Henderson, son of Ron Henderson, grandson of Wendell, both are January BDay Kids.

Dawn Coleman Walker

Beth, Lena, Allen, Nick

Josh Hart-Wood

Nancy, Eric, Shawn, Jon, Sandy ( Lester--Chic--Wood's children)

In Aunt Gladys’ family, Allen Smerchansky, husband of Beth Barron (daughter of Kathryn Wood Barron), and three of Lester (Chic) Wood’s sons (and so, grandsons of Aunt Gladys)-- Eric Wood, and twins Joshua  and Jonathan Hart-Wood, all celebrate in January.

In Aunt Doris Hawkes’ family, Stephen Francis Hawkes,  and Mary Ann Cannon Hawkes (Charlie's wife) celebrate this month.

Congratulations to all—Happy Birthday!


CB/Mom said...

A note,-- That picture , taken in 1969, at our cottage in Canada, is the summer after Daddy died! I had taken Mom up with us ti rest!! Never dreamed that would be her last summer!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send a happy Birthday to Josh up in Heaven !! Love brandy and children !

Pat said...


Thank you! You KNOW Josh is so proud of you and Emma and Adin. You are such a tower of strength and grace.

We are so lucky to have you in our lives, if only on this blog and facebook.

Hang in--