Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taylor Pictures!

David Lochner, Nancy Taylor, Mike Maney--Taken 1949

Just a few pictures, as we begin Thanksgiving Week and family begins to gather.

Remember, click on the pictures and they will get bigger!
Love to you all,



Aunt CB/Mom said...

Looked at the first picture and was struck by the fact that of the 13 people there only 3 are still with us! Rexford, Harold and myself! We had some good family get togethers tho!!

Pat said...

Hey Ma,

In that first picture, do you remember the name of the dog?

Dad said...

Pat, I always love your opening pictures-always spectacular scenery. Todays was different--a rememberance of days gone by

Mom/Aunt CB said...

I think that was taken in Uncle Floyd's back yard! If so, the dog was theirs, don't remember any name but they usually had a dog. If it was not their back yard it was 40 POrter [ BW's home]but I can't imagine he had a dog, he barely tolerated kids!

Mom/Aunt CB said...

DO notice the boat that Tim and Chris are riding in!! Made by Dan, it was the famous "SEA FLEA" Thransported from Rochester to Canada, fell off on the way, then repaired by Dan and gave he and Tim many wonderful rides!

Sue Kinsella said...

What wonderful pictures! Look at those curls on Mike Maney! Where did these come from? I've been poring over the first one in particular, the one Mom refers to as only three of the people being still with us. But of those I know in the picture, seeing it makes all of them seem so much still in my world. Photography can do that - we're so fortunate to have many great pictures. Thanks for posting these, Pat!