Monday, November 28, 2011

Leona Blanche Howland Maffei

Aunt CB writes:

Neil, Dorothy and Leona, 2010

Neil and Leona, September 1977

It’s 10:30 AM, Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 (Happy Birthday, Tim) and Dorothy Maffei just called. Leona died peacefully this morning at 8:30. She has been at Dorothy’s house in Margaretville in the Catskills these last 9-10 days and yesterday, even perked up enough to sit and visit with Dor and eat soup from a friend.

Hospice workers have allowed Dor to have a good night’s sleep the last few nights so she is sad, teary but ready to face the future.

Leona will be cremated and within a couple of weeks Dor and Neil will plan a big party to celebrate her life.

She has been my mentor as well as my cousin and I will miss our talks but am happy for her ease in dying.

Leona, born March 24th, 1919, was 92 years old.


Pat said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Maffeis.

I remember Aunt Leona from the Baker reunions in Center Lisle, and Leona and Neil figure in so many of Mom's wonderful stories from her lifelong adventures.

Would love to make Aunt Leona's celebration of life!

Kathryn said...

I will miss my Aunt Leona. She was always wonderful to me. My prayers are with her family. I know how much they are going to miss her.

Whenever a bunch of us "Howland" cousins got together, without our Moms, we would always end up talking about our Moms. Our own Mother would drive us each crazy. However, our AUNTS were wonderful. Each one of the Howland women were a special Aunt to their neices and nephews. When Gail called me to let me know that Aunt Leona died, we spoke of this. We were all blessed with wonderful Aunts who we knew loved us. They encouraged us and were absolutely wonderful. Moms just drove us nuts sometimes. Luckily, I do not drive MY daughters nuts. Just don't ask them. Or the grandkids.

Kathryn said...

Just to clarify my previous statement - We all loved our Mothers dearly. I just wanted to point out that each of the Howland Moms were VERY special Aunts to us. I know that Aunt Leona was an encouragement to me in many things. She was so wonderful to talk to also. Trying to catch up at reunions was so hard. There was always more to talk about.

Pat said...


I know what you mean. I miss my aunts terribly.

My sister Beth and I were remarking that both of us often ask our aunts 'in the great beyond' to help us with whatever concerns/problems we have at the time. We KNOW they hear and help us.

Now, we have Leona added to that illustrious group!


Mom/CB said...

In reference to Pat's last remark,-- I have a quilt that My Mother and her mother, Kate made from scraps of the dresses that Mom had made us when young! It was only the top and I added a filler and made a comforter of it. I can see dresses from Esther, Ruth, Doris, Grabdma's apron and Mom'r too!! I have it with me now as I knew that coping with my deafness and AMD I would need the help of the "girls" in my life!
And Beth took home with her a quilt that Grandma [ Kate] had done . There were pieces from a dress I remembered as Esther's and one of Ruth's. One always knew Grandma Baker's quilts as she made them double bed size with no tuck in room!!