Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Birthdays, 2011




Happy November! A time of gaining an hour of sleep but watching it grow darker more quickly, of watching the autumn sunlight slant through trees of thinning leaves, of yellow and golds in the air as the wind blows chilly.

Here at the TaylorBaker Cousins blog, we celebrate birthdays!

In Uncle Arnon's family, the birthday kids are:
Faith Melton (Donnie's stepdaughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright), Jonathan William McCarty (Diana’s son), Kristen Maria McCarty (Diana’s daughter) and Robert Arnon Taylor.

Jon and Jill


In Aunt Ruth's Maney family, Kevin Michael Maney ( Michael’s son ), Coleen Margaret Maney ( Richard’s daughter), and Jill Stauffer Maney ( Jon’s wife) all blow out candles this month.

Carter Michael Hawkes ( Mickey) is the Birthday Boy for Aunt Doris' Hawkes family.

 Judy and Jimmy
Aunt Barb Taylor
In Uncle Harold's family, Barbara Marie Buck ( Harold’s wife),  Judy Lynn Taylor  and her husband, Jimmy Alberts all celebrate this month.
In Aunt Esther's family, Dave is the Birthday Guy--turning a very young 65 this month! Congratulations, Dave.

Nancy, Jon, Sandy--June 2011
In Aunt Glady's family, Sandra Gwen Wood, daughter of Chic Wood, grand-daughter of Aunt Gladys is the Birthday kid.

Joan and Tom Doran

Amanda and Lance
On the Taylor side, Joan Tiffany Doran (married to Thomas Doran, son of Florence Taylor Doran),  Lance Taylor (son of Bryant Taylor, son of Floyd Taylor) have November Birthdays.
 Tim and his grandson, Cameron
 Nick in the Rockies, August 2011
Patrick, Bridget, Joe

In Aunt CB's family, Christopher Paul Kinsella , Cameron Thomas Walker ( Kristin Kinsella’s son), Nicholas Sean Herdeg (Pat Kinsella’s son), Joseph Aiden Kinsella (Chris’ son),  and Timothy James Kinsella all have November Birthdays.

Lily Rosena Baker Howland ( Aunt Lil), and Merle Barrows (son of Nell and Dell) round out the 'old-timer's of November. We'll write more on them later.
So, Congratulations to all of our November Birthday Kids--we wish we could celebrate with you all!

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