Wednesday, November 23, 2011

‘Bring none of your slim appetites here’--Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at the Kinsellas with the Harold Taylors--November 1978

Thanksgiving Song—Found in Kate Youngs Baker’s scrapbook:

Come uncles and cousins, come nieces and aunts,
Come nephews and brothers, no won’ts, no can’ts
Put business and shopping and school-books
The year has rolled round; it is Thanksgiving

Come home from the college, ye mirth-loving
Come home from your factories, Ann, Katy and
From the anvil, the counter, the farm, come
Home, home with you, home, it is Thanksgiving

The table is spread and the dinner is dressed.
The cooks and the mothers have all done their
No Caliph of Bagdad e’er saw such display
Or dreamed of a treat like a Thanksgiving Day.

Pies, puddings and custards, figs, oysters and
Come forward and seize them, without if or
Bring none of your slim appetites here,
Thanksgiving Day comes only once in a year.

Now children revisit the darling old place.
Now brothers and sisters long parted embrace.
The family ring is united once more
And the same voices shout at the old cottage

The grandfather smiles on the innocent mirth,
And blesses the Power that has guarded his
He remembers no trouble, he feels no decay,
But thinks his whole life has been Thanksgiving

Then praise for the past and the present we sing,
And trustful await what the future may bring;
Let doubt and repining be banished away
And the whole of our lives be a Thanksgiving

-----------------Pat Kinsella Herdeg here--Kind of old fashioned, but loved the sentiment.

Love and good thoughts to all of our cousins out there on This Thanksgiving. If I could give a hug and share a meal with each of you, I would.


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Love your blog! <3

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I love your blog, too!