Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Birthdays, 2010: Part Two

Aunt Sylva’s family has these August Birthday Kids:

Sylva Christine Emhof Jenkins ( Sylva’s daughter), Jeffrey Emhof ( Freddy D’s son), and Kathleen Marie Arnold ( Linda Emhof’s daughter).

Aunt Gladys’ family celebrates with these Birthdays:

Laurel Amy Wood Decker ( Gladys’ daughter) and her husband, Paul J. Decker, Alicia Lynn Osterhout (Wendy’s daughter, granddaughter of Gladys), and Nicholas Smerchansky ( son of Beth Barron).

Aunt Phyllis’ family has Rebecca Dingman Henderson ( Ronnie Henderson’s wife) as the August Birthday Person.

Picture One: Aunt Sylva, Beth and Nick at Baker Reunion, 2009
Picture Two:Christine
Picture Three: Paul and Laurie Decker
Picture Four: Alicia
Picure Five: Ron and Becky

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