Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paul Kinsella and Angela Cooper Wed, By Sue Kinsella

After dating for more than seven years – meeting in college, traveling Europe together when Paul had an internship in London and Angela had one in Paris, landing great jobs in Los Angeles even though they’d gone there with no contacts and no prospects – Paul Kinsella and Angela Cooper married in a gorgeous wedding in Newport, Rhode Island on August 21, 2010. The evening outdoor wedding overlooked Newport’s harbor and brought together many in the Kinsella and Lochner families to help celebrate.

Rosemary Kinsella, mother of the groom, looked absolutely beautiful in a rose-colored full-length flowing gown with a sparkling necklace. Cameron, Paul’s sister Kristin’s son and Tim Kinsella’s grandson, nearly three years old, was adorable as the ringbearer. After he had walked alone down the pebbled pathway leading to the ceremony lawn, he took one look at all the faces eagerly awaiting him and bolted. Fortunately, a close family friend was there to catch him and redirect him to head for his grandpa, Tim, who conveniently was standing near Paul, waiting for his bride. Angela was stunning in a white satiny dress that was as much sculpture as it was gown, with a feather circlet in her hair.

There were many individualistic touches: The wedding party came down the aisle to the Hawaiian version of “Over the Rainbow,” friends read touching poems and Kristin read romantic passages from Angela’s college blog about when she first met Paul. Pat Herdeg’s son and daughter, Brian and Alison, sang a spectacular a capella rendition of a favorite song, with boat sails floating by as backdrop.

Rather than a traditional wedding cake, there were lots of different flavors of cupcakes. Paul and Angela danced their first married dance to a medley of their favorite movie music, and Paul’s dance with his mother was especially tender. Then all the Kinsellas, Coopers, Lochners, and friends from all over the U.S. and Canada (and even Canadian friends living in Ghana!) turned into crazy dancers and had a blast.

The only snag I know of occurred the night before the wedding when Paul went to check in at the Hyatt that was next door to the wedding site. The hotel clerk looked at his reservation information on the computer and told him, “Yes, the Honeymoon Suite is all ready for you . . . In Newport, California!” Not only was it the wrong side of the country, but the Rhode Island Hyatt was fully booked and had no more rooms. Fortunately, Angela’s mother had pull and was able to convince the hotel staff that they did, indeed, have one more room.

The day after the wedding, when a ferocious rainstorm descended, we all realized how blessed Paul and Angela had been the night before with perfect weather for an evening outdoor wedding. We had a great time and it was so much fun to celebrate with family! Congratulations, Paul and Angela! May your marriage always be as breathtaking, romantic and loving as the journal excerpts Kristin read.

(BTW, I noticed that Angela immediately changed her Facebook name to Angela C. Kinsella. Welcome to the TaylorBakerCousins!)

Picture One: Paul and Angela ( Just married, as they walk down the aisle)
Picture Two: Cameron, Tim and Rose Kinsella
Picture Three: Sue Kinsella, Jill Kinsella (wife of Jim), Jen Kinsella (wife of Chris)
Picture Four: Rose and Paul
Picture Five: Angela and Paul (First Dance)

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Pat said...

Congrats Paul and Angela!!

We Herdegs had a terrific time--so beautiful outdoors by the ocean, the food was great, the music wonderful and the dancing and friends were a time to remember.

Thanks for inviting us--and Best Wishes to you both.