Friday, May 1, 2009

May Birthdays--Part Two:

Uncle Harold’s family has Uncle Harold Baker Taylor himself—see his birthday later in the month for more on his exploits—and Carol Elizabeth Hunt ( Jeff Hauf’s wife, daugher-in-law of Kathy).

Arnon and the Taylors have Cynthia Wright DeLuca (daughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) and Jean Wilcox Taylor (Jim’s wife).

Aunt Ruth and the Maneys have Sean Francis Maney ( Dan Maney’s son).

The Bakers have:
Michael Emhof (son of Freddy D, son of Sylva).

The Maffeis have Joseph Maffei (Leona’s son), Andrew Carmen Maffei ( twin son of Neil Maffei Jr), and Sara Louise Maffei ( twin daughter of Neil Maffei Jr).

May is a good birthday month for Wendell’s family, with Joyce Ann Tillotson Henderson ( his wife), Ronald Wendell Henderson ( his son) and Kathleen Amy Henderson ( his daughter) all celebrating.

Happy Birthday to One and All!

Picture One: Harold Taylor
Picture Two: Carol and Jeff
Picture Three: Cynthia DeLuca
Picture Four: Patrick, Sean and Kate (Sean’s fiance)
Picture Five: Kathleen, Ron, Joyce

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CB said...

The handsome hunk who leads this parade is well known to me!!
Cindy I have not seen in a while but she sure resembles her mother in earlier years!
And the Hendersons and May!! Busy. Hope you don't all like cake! I so well remember ALL the times that Aunt Lil used to call our Jim, Ronnie. He got so he just answered to it !! CB