Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mark your August Calendar—Baker Reunion!

Joyce Henderson is throwing a Baker Reunion on August 23rd in Center Lisle. She wants YOU to come--all Bakers and Taylors are welcome!

It will be held at the family farm, starting around 1PM— as Joyce and Laurel Decker explain, “But we all know that whenever you show up is good. (Just not too late because then you might miss seeing some of the ones who leave early).”

And, as usual, bring a dish to pass—any category of food.

Can’t wait for August!

Picture One: Kate Baker’s Pet Pig
File this one under “Mom always knows what she is doing”. I asked Ma to send some Adin pictures for the June birthdays, and she sent along a picture of a pig. Okay, Ma—that one does NOT look like Adin. But, then along comes this Baker Reunion at Center Lisle piece, and this picture? Perfect!

Picture Two: Baker Cousins, August 13, 2006
Top row: (from left) Linda Emhof, Edmund Patton, Joyce Henderson, Freddy Emhof, Dorothy Maffei, Dave Burrows, Kathryn Barron, Christine Jenkins, Dawn Walker, Bernie Walker, and Ethan Patton Bottom row: Laurel Decker, Gail Kinney, Annie Patton, Wendy Osterhout, and Neal Osterhout.


Pat said...

Yes or No to this new look for the cousins blog???

I felt like something different, but the choices for a non computer person like me were few.

I will be putting up a few more choices in the coming days, so keep watch, and comment!!

Let me know!!


Sue Kinsella said...

Re: the New Look - it's easier to read the birthdays sidebar, but it also makes me think I'm looking through a film negative that turns all the colors inside out. Maybe a little too stark?

Woo-hoo! Baker Reunion! There's a good chance that Alex (my son) and I can make it. We'll be back in NYS in August and I haven't figured out airline flights yet. I was hoping to find a way to get to see Center Lisle again. Thanks, Joyce!

CB said...

I included the Pet pig [ Kate Baker's] because I thought maybe Pat would need it for something BUT what a perfect spot as we ALL make pigs of ourselves at this picnic. Joyce, Hope you make Wendell's beans!
And be sure to bring your own table service, plates, silverware, etc. And what do you drink? Bring your own! I wish I knew more about Grandma's pig! Found this picture in my Mom's photo album.

Sue Kinsella said...

My earlier comment on the blog's decor was about the blue framing color. Now I see that Pat has changed the color scheme to green. I like the way it looks! But part of that is probably because it works well with the picture at the top of the old-time tractor. Another picture might need a different color combination. For now, though - classy!

Pat said...


I agree that the blue option, while a new color, was washed out, as you said.

This option is slightly different from our original, but it IS different--for instance, the birthdays are now easier to read--so let's keep this one, for now.

I will try to check and see what new choices pop up every once in a while. I could get free templates, as they are called, on the web for blogspot, but am reluctant as they are not from blogspot, and what would I do if the content did not follow the template!?

Still, I will be talking with Kristin, as she has blogspot, and her new travelingWalkers page looks way cool!!

BUT, BACK TO THE BAKER REUNION, I hope I can make it, although I am NOT sure that I will be jumping into huge piles of hay from the top of the barn rafters, as I did last time I was at a Center Lisle farm!

CB said...

I must add another fact ! When I saw Pat's comment regarding the barn and the hay, Joyce recently told me that that barn was built in 1890, 2 years before Aunt Lil was born!! Aren't we just so lucky to have that farm in the family?