Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day! Part One:

The First of May—we call it ‘May Day’, but it is also known as Beltane—to the Celts among us, or International Workers’ Day (to the Communists among us?). Whatever we call it, it heralds the beginnings of summer, and after the snow and cold of this winter, I welcome that idea!

May poles streaming with ribbons, jumping over fires in the night time, May baskets hanging on doorknobs, or just grilling with hamburgers and steamed corn—Let’s hope that this month of May is a terrific one for all of the BakerTaylor Cousins!

Now, some lucky few do have birthdays this month:

Aunt Esther and the Lochners have Wesley Allen Riber ( Julie Lochner’s husband) and
F. Theodore Lochner (known as Ted).

Aunt CB and the Kinsellas have Bridget Laurel Kinsella ( Chris’ daughter) and Matthew Thomas Kinsella (son of Tim).
Aunt Doris and the Hawkes have Kristi Hawkes Colley ( Charlie’s daughter ).

Picture One: Wes Riber
Picture Two: Ted Lochner
Picture Three: Bridget Kinsella
Picture Four: Matt Kinsella
Picture Five: Mary Hawkes, Jack, Kristi, Eowyn


CB said...

Wes, who is your pal? and what an adorable picture of Bridgie! For thise of you who don't know her, that is pure Bridget!!!CB

Pat said...

And, look again at the picture of Matt. A lot of us parents take pictures of their kids on the first day of school.

Well, Rose told me that this is another 'First Day of School Picture'--for Matt, his first day of teaching it!!

Tim Kinsella said...

Nice pictures. With such a big family there are always lot of interesting birthdays each month.