Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Harold Baker Taylor! By Kathy and Ann

Kathy writes:

One of my favorite thoughts on Dad is his philosophy on his life. It is:
It’s my Life
I Live IT
I Love IT
Criticism be Damned!
He gave me this quote years ago!

I remember Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons he would make bread with us all. He would pick out a recipe and we watched him make some delicious concoction. We’d all wait for the hot bread to come out of the oven. I can still smell yeast and think of those fun times.

He also liked to make fresh spaghetti or sausage. That was a big mess for us to clean up, but great eating!

Our Dad has taught us to work hard, be honest, and enjoy life. I pray we all can follow in his footsteps.

Ann writes:

Does anyone remember when Uncle Harold (MY DAD) would bring the FAMOUS CIGAR BOX full of penny candy to the reunions at the Taylors house on main street??? It was always full of small tootsie rolls, Hot fireballs, BUBBLE GUM (double bubble the best), carmel candies with the cream rolled in them, smarties, rootbeer barrel candies. I know there is more to name but I am sure once everyone reads this, they will add more candies to the list.

Another story that I might not remember very clearly myself but have heard about my dad is that when it was time for bed, Dad would put all of his daughters on his back and carry us up to bed. Kathy would be on first holding on Dad's neck and around his middle. Then MaryLou would be on top of Kathy holding on her. Then Annie would be holding on MaryLou. Then Judy would be holding on to Annie with the help of Mom holding onto Judy from behind because she was so small and would be slipping. But we would some how make to bedrooms or at least up the stairs!!!!

Picture One: Harold Taylor, three years old
Picture Two: Harold and his mother on Mother’s Day, 1940
Picture Three: Cpl. Harold Taylor, 1948-9
Picture Four: Two Sleeping Beauties, Harold and Jack Kinsella
Picture Five: Harold and Lola (Jessica and Erik’s dog), Easter, April 12th, 2009


Pat or 'Patrick' to you said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Harold! Wish I could be there for the cake and ice cream and singing, and of course, if you still get on hands and knees and go through the spanking line, then, I will be sorry to miss that sight!!

Love you so much!

CB said...

Yes, I well remember that little boy on his Kiddecar!!!However never saw the two sleeping beauties picture before but it is a natural pose for those two after a beer or two!
You know that the cigar box of candy is a tribute to aunt Lil and her penny candy!! I'm sure she is why Harold had such an assortment at the station. And the cigar box reminds me of OUR candy box from childhood with he, Doris and me all collecting ALL we could and sharing!
No body ever had a better brother or one with a softer heart! Have I told you how he used to take the bus to Geneva and bring me 15cents worth of caramels when I was living there my Senior HS year and he was a freshman in Waterloo? I missed him!!!
Only wish I could have seen him with a pack of girls on his back!!!

Jack said...

I will admit this was a comfortable bed and I got a nice nap on it. (I think this was at Harold's cottage) However, I wished it could have been at the Taylor Home on Main Street where Harold had his room rigged up with a jug of wine above connected to a long piece of tubing which he could sip on any time he wanted to relax a bit.