Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008— Jessica Rose Catherman and Erik Robert Rooks Married!

Jessica is the daughter of Ann Taylor Catherman and Dennis Catherman, granddaughter of Harold and Barbara Taylor. The wedding was in St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Bath, NY.

Our intrepid reporters are Judy Taylor Alberts, Mary Lou Taylor Spears, Kathy Taylor Mills and CB Taylor Kinsella. Any mistakes are to be credited to Ann Taylor Catherman, who persisted in drinking “sex on the beach” drinks while dancing her fool head off. It was hard to get a sensible answer to a question asked her as the evening wore on. (“sex on the beach” drinks consist of orange juice, cranberry juice, grenadine and peach schnaps)

Saturday was sunny but cool, the large stone church beautiful and COLD inside! The organist began playing at 2:45 PM, and promptly at 3 PM, the groom’s mother, Pamela Tuller, was escorted down the aisle by one of the four groomsmen (three of whom were school chums of Erik’s, plus Elliot Catherman, Jessica’s brother. The best man was another best friend from high school). Following her came Ann Taylor Catherman, mother of the bride, on the arm of her son, Ellliot. The first of three bridesmaids came next, two of them Erik’s sisters and one, a close school friend of Jessica’s. Next came a matron of honor, Jessica’s best friend from her school years. Then came a sweet little flower girl (daughter of the best man) and a ring bearer (the son of the matron of honor). Finally came Jessica, a lovely bride, on her father’s arm (Dennis Catherman).

Ann met the two of them at the front of the church and they all stood there with Erik and the attendants arrayed on each side before the altar. When the question was asked, “who presents this woman to be married...?” Ann and Denny both answered, “we will” and sat down. The wedding rites continued.

The bride’s dress was lovely! — white satin, the top fashioned in a halter style and this and the long floor length underskirt were covered with sequins and embroidery. It had a front overskirt open to display the pretty scalloped floor length edge which was drawn back behind into a train three or four feet long. Through the embroidery at the waist, was threaded a crimson sash, lightly tied so as to hang loosely down the back of the dress. With this, the bride wore three inch platform sandals (because the dress was impossible to shorten because of embroidered edge). Her veil was shoulder length worn on a simple circlet.

The matron of honor wore a crimson satin dress, while the three bridesmaids wore black satin. The flower girl also wore a crimson dress and carried a tiny bouquet of a fall colored gerber daisies and other flowers. The attendants carried larger bouquets of the same type, while the bride’s bouquet was gerber daisies and chocolate roses. The men all wore black tuxedos, the jacket cut with a mandarin color over a black vest, while the groom’s vest was white satin. They all wore black and white patent leather shoes. Ann wore a black jersey sleeveless sheath dress with a silvery belt and a hip length jacket to match. The groom’s mother wore a yellow flowered jacket with black slacks.

The reception was held at the Corning Country Club, whose windows opened on a vista of multihued hills beyond the green of its golf course. Tables were decorated with fall leaves and gourds. Each table contained a small frame, announcing that the bridal couple had made charitable donations to honor loved ones unable to join us for the day, Erik’s maternal grandparents, paternal grandfather, a cousin and of course, Jessica’s grandmother, our own Aunt Barbara.

Dinner was buffet style and varied as well as tasty. A lovely new (to me) innovation was the cutting of not a wedding cake, but pies! It seems Erik does not like cake, so they chose to cut and serve apple and pumpkin pies and they were very much appreciated! Dancing went on, with all the usual ones, bride and groom, etc.

We wish Jess and Erik all the best—Congratulations!!

Picture One: Jessica and Erik
Picture Two: Ann and Dennis
Picture Three: Jessica, Uncle Harold, Erik
Picture Four: Elliot and Judy
Picture Five: Kathy, MaryLou, Uncle Harold, Ann and Judy


Pat said...

Wow! Great pictures, Uncle Jack/Dad--THANK YOU!!

GREAT Write up, Aunt CB/Ma and aunts of the bride!!

Thanks for sharing this grand adventure with us.

Jess and Erik, I do wish you all the best; it sounds like a perfect start to your married life. What a group congregated--and some from so far away.

Love to you all!

Tim Kinsella said...

Thanks for the report - sounds like another great taylor wedding


I thought our descriptions were pretty good. I was also eating the great pumpkin pie and drinking water while I was telling Aunt CB about everything. so I was aware of what I was doing and saying.

Pat said...


I think Ma was writing for effect, or it could be that she has been married to an Irishman who likes to exaggerate for almost sixty years, and SHE is beginning to take on his characteristics??!--scary...

Ma and Pa said it was one of the nicest weddings they have been to, and as you can guess, they've been to more than a few!

Diana said...

Congratulations - great to see the 'taylor girls' in a picture together.

Mary - I am in your part of Wisconsin all the time - silly that we can't get together!!!!