Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Taylor Reunion Pictures--Group Photos!

Picture One: The Maneys—Jill, Colleen, Jon, Debbie, Richard, Marlene, Kathleen, Michael
Picture Two: The Taylors—Gordie, Kathy, Jonah, Abigail, Carol, Jeff, Uncle Harold, Eric, Jessica, Ann, Dennis
Picture Three: The Kinsellas--First Row: Kristi, Tom, Bridget (lying on grass), Maggie, Cameron, Kelly (orange hat), Maddie, Patrick, Joe Second Row: Pat, Liz, Gina, Kristin, Rose, Uncle Jack, Aunt CB, Jill, Jen Third Row: Glenn, Dan, Brian, Tim Walker, Matt, Tim (sorry, hidden…), Jim, Chris
Picture Four: The Lochners—Laurie, Sarah, Rick, Chuck, Julie, Wes
Picture Five: The Hawkes—Joe, Cindy, Mary, Charlie, Kristi, Baby Jack, Paul, Eowyn


Colleen Maney said...

These are great! The only thing I can say is that you seem to have mixed up me and my sister, Marlene. In the Maney picture, I'm the one in the red sweatshirt inbetween Uncle Jon & Aunt Jill.
Thanks for putting these up! :)

Pat said...


I COULD say that I was just testing you, but that wouldn't be true! I was attempting to rely on my memory from Saturday, and obviously, that did not work.

So, I apologize. Hopefully, the names are accurate now.