Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dan Maffei, TaylorBaker Cousin for U.S. Congress!

Daniel Benjamin Maffei, son of Neil Maffei, Jr., grandson of Leona Howland Maffei, great grandson of Lillian Baker Howland, is running as the Democratic candidate for Congress from the 25th U.S. Congressional District of New York. This district stretches from Syracuse to the northeastern suburbs of Rochester, stomping grounds for many TaylorBaker Cousins both now and in the past.

This is Dan’s second run for the seat. In his first campaign for public office two years ago, he came within 3,400 votes of unseating Jim Walsh, the Republican representative who had held the seat for 9 terms. Challenged a second time, Walsh is instead retiring and Dan has a clear shot at winning, despite having two opponents in the current race.

While he had to build name recognition on his first campaign, Dan is no newcomer to central New York nor to politics. Dan was born and grew up in Syracuse, where his grandfather, Neil, owned a metal-plating plant. (Jack Kinsella briefly worked there, as well). Dan’s dad, Neil, Jr., and his stepmom live in Syracuse, and his mother, Louise, lives in DeWitt, where Dan lives, too. He has three younger siblings – twin brother Andrew and sister Sara, and Max.

Dan earned a Bachelor’s degree in history from Brown University and Master’s degrees from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has worked as a reporter and producer for Syracuse Channel 9 News, as well as for NJ Senator (and former New York Knicks star) Bill Bradley, the legendary NY Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Congressman Charles Rangel, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, and Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll.

In July, Dan married his sweetheart, Abby Davidson. A Huge Congratulations!

Check out Dan’s campaign website, maffeiforcongress.com. Good luck on November 4th!

Picture One: Sara, Dan, Neil Senior and Andrew
Picture Two: Sara and Dan
Picture Three: Dan with Max, 1989
Picture Four: Dan and Abby Davidson-Maffei


Anonymous said...

By the way cousins - the Taylor contingent in MN even has donated to his campaign.

Even Arn before he died and you know how tight he was with a nickle.


Anonymous said...

When Dan was working in Washington with Sen M. I emailed him to tell him that a Maney cousin was there also working across the aisle. Did not think that he would know me as he was a boy when we had last met. He did and since then, in his last campaign he came for lunch with friends and this time really has had time only for notes. He is a down to earth guy and family oriented. WE no longer live in his district BUT he gets my vote anyways!! CB

Pat said...

I don't know Dan, but he does seem to value family; my brother Tim told this story at the Taylor Reunion, and I hope he does not mind if I repeat it:

A few weeks ago, candidate Dan was touring the Lockheed Martin plant in Liverpool, NY.Tim wanted to meet this farflung cousin but had a meeting he could not miss. Imagine his surprise when his assistant came running up to him after the meeting and shouted 'Guess who came to your office and wanted to meet you? Dan Maffei!! AND,he was with the Vice President [of Lockheed Martin]. And, then, the President came in also!'

So, I second the comments above. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I should remind all that Arnon, first cousin to Leona, Dan's grandmother, was also a close friend of her husband, Neil, Dan's grandfather. Neil depended on Arn to trouble shoot his business machines. {Central Plating Co.] as well on his expertise in other areas. We lost a peach when Neil died!!
Central Plating was also instrumental in the survival of CB and Jack when he was doing graduate work in Syracuse!!