Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Year Old--Congratulations to the TaylorBakerCousins Blog!

It was last September 29th that we first began this journey. Seems like we have packed a LOT into this year!!

Thank you to all who have offered pictures, stories, listened to and edited my writings, given me advice and encouragement, written comments on these blog stories, and just read them!!

I hope to bring all of us closer together by sharing pictures, history, stories, legends, people, you name it. My daughter, Alison, asked me via email if we were doing okay with this huge financial chaos descending upon all of us. I answered that we could be doing better in terms of money, but it got me thinking--when all is said and done, it will be our family, our friends, our stories that we have lived and shared, that matter. And, I do not say that to all of you enough. Even cousins I have not met--I love you.

This year's Taylor Reunion showcased that sentiment--so many cousins, and we all kitbitzed (as Ma would say) and hugged with the best of them; those we had seen days before, or decades ago.

Kathy Taylor Mills captured so well what I think we all felt: "We had a lovely time and there were almost 70 people. Best one ever. Perfect weather and lots of food to choose from. Dad was pooped but enjoyed everyone. The memories will be kept for years."

And so, some of Kathy's wonderful Reunion pictures from 2008.

But, a personal note--Last year, in the first blog, I wrote: "For instance, the Red Sox have clinched the AL East division for the first time in twelve years!" As no doubt you ALL have seared into your brains, the Red Sox went on to win the World Series in 2007. Well, now it is October of 2008, and the Red Sox did not clinch the division, but they are in the playoffs, again, versus the Los Angeles Angels. The Red Sox won last night's first game, and if it stretches to four games, Glenn and Nick will see the Red Sox play the Angels in Fenway Park in Boston next Monday--first playoff game for either, and in Fenway!! I'll let you know if the game gets played, and if indeed we win!


CB said...

Dear Blog person[ Pat] ,
What a difference you have made for All of us in our lives. Pulled us us together as nothing else would have other than a funeral which is sad for us all. I thank you for your willingness to spend your time this way and for your knowledge of computors to do so!!!
I do feel as tho I have a mulitude of "kids' and love everyone!! Thank you doll, you were always special!!! Mom

Tim Kinsella said...

I agree, thank you Pat

Anonymous said...

Pat, I thank you also for all your work and effort put into this blog. As an only child, I read about these large families and envy you all. You may not always think that having siblings is the best thing, but believe me you are blessed.

The cousin by marriage, Evelyn Taylor