Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Birthdays, 2012 By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Well, this may be the winter that never was, at least if decided by the amount of snow on the ground. We have seen few and far between snow storms here in New England. BUT, the month of February is upon us and so, we have cousins birthdays to celebrate!


Brian Lochner

Aunt Esther’s family will start us off, with Julie Ann Lochner Riber celebrating her 60th—joining several of her cousins into this elite category. Her brother Richard John Lochner, and Brian Michael Lochner (Ted’s son) also celebrate this month.



 Mallory Alberts and her friend, Mark


In Uncle Harold’s family, Ann’s two children, Jessica Rose Catherman Rooks and Elliot Ryan Catherman, Judy’s daughter--Mallory Ann Alberts, and Abigail Elizabeth Hauf (Kathy’s grand-daughter) all blow out candles this month.
In Aunt CB’s family, Susan Ethel Kinsella and Takeshi Sakanishi (Beth Kinsella’s husband) have February Birthdays. Takeshi will blow out fifty candles, so we welcome him to that milestone (a mere youngster in this writer’s eyes!).

 Sue on the Friendship, in Salem, MA harbor

Takeshi and P-Chan

In Aunt Ruth’s family, Kathleen Deborah Maney (Richard’s daughter) has a Birthday.

In Aunt Doris’ family, Morgan Kate Towlson (Cindy’s grand-daughter) will celebrate.

In Uncle Arnon's family, Isabella Kaylynn Wood (daughter of Barbara Taylor Wood, Bob’s daughter) will celebrate her first birthday.

In Aunt Gladys’ family, Michael James Decker, son of Laurel Wood Decker, grandson of Gladys is the Birthday Boy.


Mike, Laurel and Dan Decker
Wendell, 1964 Baker Reunion

Wendell, 2005
In Aunt Phyllis’ family, Wendell E. Henderson ( Phyllis’ son) would have been seventy years old this February—we so wish he could have been here to blow out his many candles.
Rex and Dene Taylor

In Floyd Taylor’s family, Rexford Floyd Taylor (Floyd’s son) celebrates his birthday.

Congratulations to all! We will be thinking of all of you!


CB/Lucille said...

after looking at this blog since its inception I have come to the conclusion that we have the best looking relatives around!
And for those who wonder, Harold Taylor is home, his head OK but all his pain is in his leg where they took out a vein to supply his head! {Todays medicine is really TOPSY TURVEY!!}

Kathryn said...

I love this blog!
Pat- I got a jolt when I read that Wendell would be 70! It doesn't seem like he was gone that long. He will always be missed.
Also, Pat, you do a great job and I really appreciate you!
CB - Thanks for the update on Harold. I was wondering.
I love you all!